Stanford Workshop on Self-Publishing – Feb 1, 2020

I’ll be teaching a one-day workshop at Stanford on Saturday, Feb 1, 2020 on how to self-publish a book.

The workshop is designed to give you a clear overview of the self-publishing process–how it works, and what it requires of you.

Joining me will be author Anne Janzer who has self-published several books (including The Writer’s Process, The Workplace Writer’s Process, and Writing to Be Understood). A Silicon Valley marketing expert, Anne will be talking (from deep in the trenches) about what she has learned about marketing self-published books, and how she was able to reach #1 bestseller in her category on Amazon.

Enrollment is limited to 25. If you’d like to join us, act quickly as the workshop often fills to capacity within a few days. Register at Stanford Continuing Studies.

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