How to get permission from copyright owners

Copyright title typed on a vintage typewriter Ah, permissions. This is one of the knottiest areas of publishing for writers who are trying to do things right. When do you need to ask permission […]

Hachette vs. Amazon: Do Writers Benefit?

P1000708_JPGJeff Bezos spoke at the Stanford Publishing Course for several years running in the ’90s. At the time, the only thing Amazon was selling was books, and we loved books. But he tipped […]

CreateSpace vs. Ingram Spark: How They Stack Up

Comparing Apples to ApplesEver since Ingram Spark launched late last summer, we’ve been keenly interested in it for many reasons, among them: 1) Spark offers the first print-on-demand service for hardcover books with […]

How much does it cost to self-publish a book?

two birds2Plenty of people will tell you that self-publishing a book is free. And it is free if all you’re talking about is the cost of uploading your files to CreateSpace or Kindle […]

Best Fonts for Book Covers

Pentecost, by Joanna Penn uses League Gothic fontPentecost, by Joanna Penn uses League Gothic font I’m working with an author on a book cover for a nonfiction book with strong commercial potential. Since the cover is among […]

How To Approach a Bookstore: Tips for Authors

Wendy Taylor, author of No Longer Strangers, speaks at Books, Inc., Palo Alto

Wendy Taylor, author of No Longer Strangers, speaks at Books, Inc., Palo AltoAuthor Wendy Taylor speaks at Books, Inc., Palo Alto. Photo by Rod Searcey I’m often asked by authors how to get […]

New Options for Writers Who Self-Publish

Book Expo, the granddaddy of book conferences, is traditionally the place where publishers meet with booksellers. But lately, there’s been a lot for up-and-coming self-publishers–not the least of which is UPublishU, a full day of sessions and exhibits specifically for entrepreneurial writers. Because I work with writers interested in self-publishing, I viewed BookExpo this […]

If You Want Readers, You Have To Work At Selling

Sometimes it’s best to hear the truth from writers in the trenches. Here’s a guest post from Marcia Kemp Sterling, who’s just self-published her first novel. She came to one of my Stanford classes looking for advice on her book project. Since she launched, she’s had good success getting her book noticed. Here’s how she […]

An Author’s Guide to Amazon: 7 Tools To Help Increase Book and Author “Discoverability”

Below is a terrific summary of practical things you can do to make your book more visible on Amazon. It comes from the enewsletter of Smith Publicity, Inc. Kudos to Book Publicist Jennifer Tucker who put together the list.

How To Get Over 50 Starred Reviews on Amazon First Day Out

Last week during my Stanford workshop on self-publishing, guest speaker Guy Kawasaki was asked whether he had purchased any ads for his new book on self-publishing APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur–How to Publish […]