Bookbub Deconstructed

A typical Bookbub deal I recently had lunch with two self-published authors to swap book marketing tips. We were trying to crack the code for getting books accepted by BookBub, the Cambridge-based company that sends […]

What Makes a Good Book Cover?

BookExpo2016 That’s a question I wrestled with as I walked the aisles of BookExpo 2016. A great cover can be the secret sauce that gives a book the oomph it needs to get discovered. But how do you get there? I never recommend authors create […]

A Dirty Little Secret About Book Discounts

Cash register Most of the writers using self-publishing techniques to reach readers know something about discounting books. They know that if you want to make your book attractive to bookstores, you […]

How “Influential Readers” Can Drive Book Discovery

The emergence of “influential readers” has changed the way books are discovered. These folks–Vine Voices on Amazon, notable readers on Goodreads, certain book bloggers–have enough clout to push a book up in […]

How to Publish a Book With Color Interior

When I work with writers, I often hear that they want to produce a book with a color interior (such as a children’s book, a cookbook or a photography book). In these […]

BookExpo 2015 Connects Writers with Publishing Services

Photo by Rod Searcey Book Expo America, the big New York show for publishers, featured several new resources for self-published writers. Here’s a roundup: • BookWorks founder Betty Sargent and

Goodreads offers authors a new way to connect with readers

Ask a Questiof of AuthorsOne of the most intriguing announcements at Book Expo 2014 was about Goodreads’ new “Ask the Author” feature. If you’re signed up as an author on Goodreads, you can now host […]

How To Approach a Bookstore: Tips for Authors

Wendy Taylor, author of No Longer Strangers, speaks at Books, Inc., Palo Alto

Wendy Taylor, author of No Longer Strangers, speaks at Books, Inc., Palo AltoAuthor Wendy Taylor speaks at Books, Inc., Palo Alto. Photo by Rod Searcey I’m often asked by authors how to get […]

If You Want Readers, You Have To Work At Selling

Sometimes it’s best to hear the truth from writers in the trenches. Here’s a guest post from Marcia Kemp Sterling, who’s just self-published her first novel. She came to one of my Stanford classes looking for advice on her book project. Since she launched, she’s had good success getting her book noticed. Here’s how she […]

An Author’s Guide to Amazon: 7 Tools To Help Increase Book and Author “Discoverability”

Below is a terrific summary of practical things you can do to make your book more visible on Amazon. It comes from the enewsletter of Smith Publicity, Inc. Kudos to Book Publicist Jennifer Tucker who put together the list.